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ku basketball
1. a three guard rotation of mason, seldon and graham works. (connor leaving actually helped this a little bit)
2. the 3 spot:  TBD; historical repetition.
3. 4/5 : 10 combinations.  
which combinations play welll together?

Against UCSB tonight, the Europo 17-year old (haven't gotten his name down) showed flashes of awesome, plays well with Cliff & Perry.  
ouch.  kentucky spankdown.
agree on svi.  right now he's the best at that postion. specifics later.
4/5 rotation:
jamari really isn't a 5, and he plays better off the bench.
so, start ellis and bring traylor off the bench for ellis.

who plays best with ellis? and likewise for traylor?
the 5 spot is landon/mickleson. 
the 5 and the 3 are the spots to watch this year. imo
alexander is a 4/5. 
alexander is going to answer a lot of these questions.

(4 assits in one game)

my apologies

experiment: read each line randomly, and see how that goes.
(do that again a couple of more times)
Embiid didn't start last season as a starter, yet worked himself into that position.  I suspect Alexander will do likewise.  Traylor then becomes the sixth man, spelling Ellis at times, Alexander at other times.  Landon Lucas plays for a few minutes here and there, Michelson plays next year.  

Devante Graham looked promising.  Oubre also.  And Svi.  I love Mason, but he got exposed when forced to go against much taller guards.  That might not be important against Podunk U., but when we play the big boys, his minutes have got to be less.  It's Greene that's got to be able to play limited minutes yet still provide a spark, hitting 3's.  I think he will.  

As much as I think this ought to be Ellis' team, he being the guy to put the team on his back, he being the Danny Manning a struggling team needs, I just don't see his personality being that.  In the absence of anyone else, Seldon's that guy.  We go as far as he takes us.  

Ever the optomist, I still think we win the conference, though I don't see anyone beating Kentucky.  We're all playing for #2.  
Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.  
agree with most of the above
except for the kentucky lolling

as of halftime with rider
-- i think we have found a rotation
-- greene's footwork has been much better
-- notice which rotations at 4/5 work best
Not likin' the uber light blue pinstripe uni's. 

Lotsa assists & points in the paint. 
the 3 spot has been interesting so far ths season.
svi, obre, greene

also: mason is the PlOfTheYr
and. good to see graham back.

But, what's a mother to do about Perry's inconsistent play? Last game 4 points, today 15. This has been going on all season long.


no turnovers in the second half at texas.
only 3 for the entire game.

turnovers just kill a team.
few turnovers lead to wins like this.

pay attention kids.

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