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Somehow I got my own time screwed up in my control panel, and that affected how I set up the website's time, so it screwed up the time a little.  I think I have it fixed.

I ran into the time problem building a weather-specific site.  One interesting thing about web design is that you can basically write the web sites you look at just before going to work.  So I wrote mine to be the info I find most useful really fast. is one of those sites, the forum here is one and has proven to get an intersting mix of stories.

If I'm in a hurry, I just use the forum to see the temp.

You can have your own blog to write your own "portal" if you want.  I'll help you do it or you can do it all alone.

It's amazing how justa little work relieves you for the most part of having to see ads.  It's a nice hobby too.

Chicken Dinner.


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