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Some Features
Top right of post gives you the choice of threaded or linear replies.  If you choose "threaded", the thread shows up towards the bottom.

12-14-2013 date button
12:02:39 time button
ك special character button (omega symbol on button)
[img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] smiley

You can like/unlike a post.  It's at the bottom of ech post. 

If you hover over the buttons in the editor it will say what they do.

<> button is for inserting example code, like this.

The "insert php block" letss you enter some php code
PHP Code:
Echo "Generated by PHP code";
Images can go inline easily.  
browse images, upload attachment, insert into post

.jpg   banana.jpg (Size: 26.12 KB / Downloads: 36)

The image button is for images from an existing URL like so:
[Image: icon_256.png]


Chicken Dinner.

The weather feed is working well enough I think as is the upcoming events.  

Two blog owners are now in charge of their blog forums here and as long as they don't break the site TOS they can moderate as they wish.  If they kick you out, don't email the admin about it.  They take the time to blog, they get a forum under their control.  If they don't like your mother, they can ban you from their forum.

Want to moderate a forum?  Write a blog.

I put in "commentary" under interests/hobbies whatever and it's fed by a real clear politics feed.  I think the RCP feed is a tad anti-obama, so if you can suggest another site with an RSS feed of equal quality, I'll add it.

Chicken Dinner.

Layout.  Are you guys happy with the layout?  Any features you can't figure out?

Chicken Dinner.

Honestly, I found the whole Posting/Reply interface window a bit cumbersome... at first.

But now that I've used it a few times, figured it out... it's pretty sweet.  [img]images/smilies/cool.gif[/img]

Like anything new, it takes some getting used to.

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