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Poll: How long to 50 responses?
a day
2 or 3 days
a week
will never happen
RC will cheat to make it happen
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How long for fifty comments?
How long do you s'pose it would take to reach fifty comments on this question?

Or better yet, how long do you suppose it would be before agent99/tom sheewmoon/andy anderson comes on and makes fifty post about how bad Obama is and how he is a socialist muslim communist worst ever bringin about the end of the world the sky is falling President of all time? 

Natural selection will never favor Evangelical misfits

Rip roarin' start right outa the gate!  The smart money is backing Prospector's answer but I'm not that smart, so maybe...? 

There've been lotsa birds on our feeders today.  Woodpeckers, cardinals, juncos, housefinches.  I saw a bluejay out there.  They don't hang around our sparsely treed yard that much.  I think I saw a goldfinch but it flew away before I could get a good look.  There are also doves & robins & lotsa geese poopin' all over the place.  Yestidy, waaay up high, we spied a bald eagle drifting on the currents.  That was pretty cool.  It looked as if he was meandering his way towards Clinton Lake.


Susnus will shine your shoes for a month if you author the 50th post.
Yestidy morning I saw a coyote out by our pond.  He (she?) wasn't one of those scrawny little ones everybody has been talking about.  This guy looked pretty fit & beefy.  Looked to be about the same size as a full grown German Shepard. I think he was hoping to snag a goose but he got there a tad early.  The geese didn't show up for about another hour.  I let my dog out ( fenced backyard) to bark at it but Wile E. didn't care.  He trotted back into the wooded hillside & disappeared. 
I smell heavily of smoke and seared meats.  In a good way.  It is snowing.  It has been snowing most of the day but only lightly.  I shall roast some pig part later.  My ramblings are rambling, maybe I should go pour a short one on the rocks.

I wonder how Mr. HWMNBN'd is doing.  I miss his ranting.
Natural selection will never favor Evangelical misfits

I bought me a no-background check ghost gun at the gun show today.  Then again, it was an 1886 Lebel, so it is an antique and no background check was required.  Although not used much in combat, the MLE 1886 was the first smokeless powder military rifle which makes it one of the most important military rifles in histoy.  

Now if I can find ammo for the damn thing... not really smart to use the 8mm Lebel ammo I already have is pointy and this rifle has a tube magazine. 

I have a couple of meatloaves baking in the oven.  They'll be ready in about another hour.  It's really good.  Search this site, keyword meatloaf, and you'll find the recipe.  Maybe I'll scallop some spuds to go with it.  Prolly corn for the veggie.  I don't have a dessert, so maybe I'll just eat more loaf.
Sure Oscar winners tonight:  Juilianne Moore & J.K. Simmons.  I haven't seen any of the Oscar nommed movies.

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